In many Bibles the words that Jesus taught and spoke are printed in red.  Image what it would be like if everyone at Bethlehem did what Jesus said. Our fall spiritual growth campaign is a 40-day challenge to read and actually live the red letter words of Jesus. In addition to the sermon series focusing on the red letter words of Jesus, and your own personal workbook for reading and reflecting on the red letter words of Jesus, we are encouraging families, friends, or people who naturally gather together to meet once a week for the 7 weeks of the challenge and share how the challenge is going and to encourage one another during the challenge.

The Red Letter Challenge focuses on Jesus’ commands to His disciples. All that Jesus said to His disciples can be summarized in five principles most important to Jesus: Being, Forgiving, Serving, Giving, and Going.

Red Letter Challenge is a way to help you live more like Jesus.  Sadly, when people think of Jesus-followers sometimes it is a far cry from who Jesus actually is.  We are the ones telling the story through our lives.  After all Jesus has done for us, we want to tell the real story of who he is. If people truly met the real Jesus, they would really fall in love with Him, just like you did.

So how do you tell the real story of Jesus?

We go back to Christ’s words, those red letters in your Bible.  It turns out he had a lot to say to His followers about what we are called to do and how we are called to live. In the Red Letter Challenge we will look at Christ’s literal words and give you practical daily challenges based on those words.  The Red Letter Challenge will give you targets to shoot for to help you measure how you are practically following after Him.   As followers of Jesus, we want to be the story, to live the story of Jesus’ grace, love, and forgiveness. We don’t do this out of obligation, but out of gratitude for what Jesus has done for us!

Do you have what it takes to really follow Jesus?  To truly do what He said? Let’s journey together and find out.

Ready to take the challenge?

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